Hands Off My Beach: Lilly Pulitzer Sues Old Navy Over Copycat Clothing

Lilly Pulitzer sued Old Navy for copyright infringement in Georgia federal court last week, saying that Old Navy copied at least two of Lilly Pulitzer's patterns on clothing and accessories. The photo above shows a detail of one of the designs allegedly copied by Old Navy, dubbed "High Tide Design." Here is the High Tide design as used on Lilly Pulitzer shorts:

And here are some Old Navy shorts with the allegedly infringing pattern:

With such a blatantly similar pattern, color scheme, etc., the circumstantial evidence at this point doesn't look great for Old Navy. Particularly if Lilly Pulitzer can show that Old Navy's pattern was the result of intentional copying, and not the product of independent creation, there is a good chance the court will find infringement.

What do you think? Is Old Navy's pattern just another take on that old chestnut, the leisurely day at the beach? Or has the line between inspiration and counterfeit been crossed?

Images credit: Court documents